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Women’s March

Women’s March | Seattle, WA | January 2017

womens march _ 01womens march _ 02womens march _ 03womens march _ 04womens march _ 05womens march _ 06womens march _ 07womens march _ 08womens march _ 09womens march _ 10womens march _ 11womens march _ 12womens march _ 13womens march _ 14womens march _ 15womens march _ 16An estimated 175,000 people showed up to march in Seattle yesterday. The streets and sidewalks were packed for miles and at certain points you could look out and see nothing but a big peaceful pink sea of hope, love, tolerance, and solidarity. I am beyond proud of this city I used to call home and of the people who live in it. Grateful to have taken even the tiniest part in this epic day.

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